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Uganda has been beleaguered by social strife and violent conflicts at different times and places. This has predisposed some of its communities and citizens to the enormity the mass atrocities. There is an ever urgent need to support the post-conflict communities and affected citizens gain their normalcy and to invest in building a robust atrocity prevention community of practice.


It is our core belief that together our indefatigable efforts will help in a humble way to reignite and re-invigorate the atrocity prevention discourse and practice in Uganda.


We wish you an enjoyable navigation of our website and interaction with JAP resources hereto, and hope you find the information you need in quest for greater justice for all.

Our programme Areas

Atrocity prevention Programme

Preventing and countering violent Extremism Programme

Hate/Dangerous speech prevention

Statelessness prevention

Uganda’s Human Rights record is due for assessment on 27th January 2022, under the third cycle of UPR. JAP and its Partners have developed a number of resources to support Civil Society Engagement in the process

A) Statement & recommendations

A Joint press statement

Summary of recommendations on Freedom of Peaceful assemblies

Summaries of recommendations on Freedom of Association

Summary of recommendations on freedom of expression

Summary of recommendations on judicial persecutions

Summary of recommendations on State engagement

B) Videos  documentaries featuring the  voices of Civil Society on UPR :

Uganda civil society voices: Mohammed Ndifuna, JAP:

Uganda civil society voices: Dr .Livingstone Sewanyana, FHRI:

Uganda civil society voices: Solomon Serwanjja, AIIJ

Uganda civil society voices: Edward Serucaca, NCHRDU

C) Podcasts

Martin Masiga: speaking on Judicial Persecution

Mohammed Ndifuna: speaking on freedom of assembly and association.

Samuel Herbert Nsubuga: Speaking on Torture and freedom of assembly.