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Civil Societies Speak About Elections in Kenya

Historical Revisionism: The perspectives on the existence of safehouses in Uganda

Violent Extremism & Human Rights Violations:


Video  documentaries featuring CSO Leaders on UPR towards adoption of outcome report: –  3rd Cycle.

Appeal to Uganda to adopt the recommendations made to it in 3rd cycle of UPR - Mr. Job Kaija, IDEA Associate Director

The need for Uganda to adopt the UPR recommendations -Mr.Robert Sempala, Executive Director HRNJ

Urging Uganda to adopt the recommendation made to it. - Mr Ndifuna Mohammed, Executive Director of Justice Access Point (JAP).

Speaking out on the need for Uganda to adopt constructive UPR recommendations. - Mr Pidson Kareire, Media Practitioner

A media practitioner and survivor of police brutality urges government on UPR. - Mr. Lwanga Andrew

Video  documentaries featuring CSO Leaders on UPR at the review of the human rights record of Uganda: –  3rd Cycle.

Uganda civil society voices: Mohammed Ndifuna, JAP:

Uganda civil society voices: Dr .Livingstone Sewanyana, FHRI:

Uganda civil society voices: Solomon Serwanjja, AIIJ

Uganda civil society voices: Edward Serucaca, NCHRDU

Countering Afro-Asian Racial Tension & Discrimination Campaign: