What We Do


JAP identified four strategic objectives to pursue as a matter of priority from 2020 – 2024. These are the strategic ways of working towards the mission of the organisation to fulfill its goals.

Objective 1:
To strengthen the capacity of the different stakeholders in Uganda to counter hate/dangerous speech and empower key stakeholders to counter violent extremism in Uganda.

Objective 3:
To empower key stakeholders to promote, protect and uphold the human rights standards as enshrined in the domestic, regional and international human rights frameworks.

Objective 2:
To empower key stakeholders to prevent and respond to atrocity crimes in Uganda.

Objective 4:
To strengthen the institutional capacity & setup of JAP to implement its interventions in an efficient & effective manner.

JAP`s current work propels around five core programs namely;

Countering Atrocity Crimes
Atrocity Prevention Programme
This entails upstream, midstream and downstream interventions aimed at preventing break-out, escalation, continuation and recurrence of violent conflicts and the perpetration of atrocity crimes.
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Countering Violent Extremism
Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Programme
This includes a series of interventions aimed at supporting the state to actualize the UN Plan of Action against Violent Extremism.
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Hate Sppech
Countering Hate/Dangerous Speech Programme
This entails a series of interventions geared to monitoring, preventing and countering hate/dangerous speech in the difference media.
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Human Rights & rule of Law
Human Rights and Rule of Law Programme
This is a cross-cutting programme aimed at supporting the rights-holders their human rights and duty bearers to   respect, protect and ensure the realization of human rights as enshrined in the domestic, regional and international human rights treaties and rule of law.
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Prevention of Statelessness Programme
This includes interventions aimed at prevention of statelessness in Uganda in concert with the Global action Plan to End statelessness:
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The Target Groups

The targeted groups for JAP are victims of Atrocity Crimes, Violent Extremism, Statelessness, Hate/Dangerous Speech, Civil Society Organizations, Youth Groups and Networks, Affected communities, Media, Students, Local Authorities, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), Security Agencies among others.

The Geographical Coverage

Justice Acccess Point, has a nation-wide coverage.

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